Our Angle Methods and Uses

Baker Steel Company, Inc. can bend plates into angle shapes up to 24′ in length. With an added benefit, we can shear plates into strips for bending up to 20′ in length. Bending angles from plate is often used when odd size angles are called out for a job or uneven leg angles are not made in certain grades. We can also roll or straighten these in house after they have been bent into the angle shape.
Baker Steel’s plate bending can be performed on a variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other alloys.
We use primarily Pacific and Cincinnati Press Brakes ranging from 20 tons up to 1000 tons in size. With around a dozen press brakes set up and in operation, we can bend multiple jobs at the same time. This allows us to save valuable set up time in order to produce a quicker turnaround from start to finish.
With over 80 years of forming experience, we can form the part you need.  For more information regarding our bending capabilities please click here.

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